Muscle Prodigy is a premier health and fitness brand. As a trusted information source, we have tapped into several fitness verticals with success. On our portfolio are digital workout programs, motivational music, and supplements, along with a large presence. With millions of social media fans and a tremendous brand presence, Muscle Prodigy is a growing force in the fitness space with tremendous potential.
Muscle Prodigy is a leading fitness brand with thousands of customers and millions of social media followers. The brand is most known for its popular MP45 Program, which has transformed thousands of people to become more fit and healthy.
With our brand you will get access to thousands of customers and a proven revenue stream:
Take a look at Some of our Assets...
Muscle Prodigy is a household name in fitness, where other companies have always seen power in our brand and have wanted to do business with us. Tens of thousands of unique visitors per month to our websites.
Muscle Prodigy is a trusted information resource. Leverage our fan base to funnel them into your products and services. We have millions of social media followers and several hundred thousand emails and customers who recognize our name and go to us for fitness information.
We have generated over 40,000 customers who have spent over $47 on fitness products. Over 35,000 customers have spent $97 or more. Continue to profit off of our existing model, and expand it. 
We have unused tracks ready to be released...
Looking to build muscle and burn fat
  • Guy with the Ab Problem: "I’m already thin but I have a hard time getting abs. "
  •  Guy with the Hardgainer Problem: "I workout and eat a lot but can’t gain size."
  • Guy with the Strength Problem: "I can gain size, but I can't gain strength."
  • Guy with the Strategy Problem: "I am overweight and need some guidance. "
  • Guy with the Weight Problem: "I workout and eat well but can’t lose body fat. "
  • Guy with the 'I Want More' Problem: "I am in good shape but want to get into single digit body fat. "
  •  Guy with the 'Skinny Fat' Problem: "I am skinny fat."
  • Guy with the Aesthetic Problem: "I look good with my shirt on, but have a lot of body fat. "
Looking to get toned
  • Girl with the 'Toned' Problem: "I want to get toned, but don't know where to start. "
  •  Girl with the 'I Do Cardio' Problem: "I do cardio all the time, but don't lose fat."
  • Girl with the Strength Problem: "I can gain size, but I can't gain strength."
  • Girl with the 'Cardio' Problem: "I can't do cardio, it's so boring. "
  • Girl with the 'Carb' Problem: "I love carbs, but want to lose weight. "
  • Girl with the 'Fear of Weights' Problem: "I'm scared to lift weights because it will make me bulky and big. "
  •  Girl with the Overeating Problem: "I tend to overeat at night and snack too much"
  • Girl with the Aesthetic Problem: "I look good, but want to turn heads. "
Looking to be athletic & ripped
  • Athlete with the Speed Problem: "I need more speed and quickness."
  •  Athlete with the Power Problem: "I need more power and explosion."
  • Athlete with the Strength Problem: "I workout but I lack muscle and strength. "
  • Athlete with the Mental Toughness Problem: "My competitors are tougher than me and always seem to have the psychological edge. "
  •  Athlete with the Injury-Prone Problem: "I tend to get injured a lot and can't stay on the field."
  • Athlete with the Confidence Problem: "I lose confidence when I compete. "
  •  Athlete with the Stamina Problem: "I am good in the first quarter, but then I lose steam and drag in the 4th quarter."
List of Assets to Be Acquired
A large percentage of the fitness community has heard of Muscle Prodigy or our MP45 program. This lends us serious credibility. We have worked with top fitness models such as Nicole Moneer, Rob Riches, Marzia Prince, Obi Obadike, James Ellis, etc. We have worked with professional athletes such as Devin McCourty, Ronnie Coleman, Arian Foster, and Michael Ray Garvin.
Estimated Valuation of Branding: $150,000

This product has produced over $3 million in revenue. The funnel itself produces $15k-$20k revenue monthly, without much marketing money spent, and we do not expect this to slow down. What would it cost to replicate this funnel with everything including the platform, program, videos, testimonials, marketing material, web presence, and word of mouth.
Estimated Valuation of Product, Funnel, and Landing Page: $500,000

This is an add-on that has produced over $100,000 in revenue. This is a system that took the MP45 Creator ten years of trial and error to figure out. The On/Off diet works well and has transformed a lot of people.
Estimated Valuation of System: $60,000

This is a workout generator. Users select the body parts they want to work out, and the time they want to workout for and it automatically generates a workout for them. We filmed nearly every exercise and explain each exercise. Our recommendation is to charge $9.99 per month for it. This could also be a great lead magnet that you give away for free.
Estimated Valuation of Algorithm Technology: $50,000 

We have collected hundreds of thousands off of advertising on our website We have not capitalized on this over the last few years since we've focused more on social presence as of late. If we were to sell the domain and traffic, we can get a decent sum. 100k uniques per month can be leveraged with quizzes, banner ads, and articles sucking people in to your products. 
Estimated Valuation of Websites: $100,000

The member site has an entire fitness community platform that is free, and includes articles and videos for users to understand how to workout and eat. We also have other products such as the Fit Foods Recipe Cookbook which contains 100 healthy recipes. 
Estimated Valuation of Content: $35,000

We spent $1.6 million in ads towards our funnel. These emails are a result of that. They entered their email to request more information about a gym workout plan. We know they’re interested in fitness products. 
Estimated Valuation of Contacts: $75,000

These MP45 customers have spent $97+ on our products – a gym workout challenge walking them through 45 days of gym workouts and meals to eat.
Estimated Valuation of Customers to Market to: $100,000

This was a product created by Jaret Grossman with fitness model Obi Obadike. Obi has gotten nationwide attention with book deals and TV appearances. This has not been launched yet. 
Estimated Valuation of Pending Product: $75,000

This has produced over $280,000 in revenue in 5 years. #1 most downloaded album in Summer 2015 in the “Fitness & Workout” category in iTunes. This continues to produce revenue every time a song is played on iTunes, the radio, and YouTube. We are known for music. We feel strongly that Spotify will have to change its revenue model. Featured by iTunes in the Featured section - “Fitness & Workout” category.
Estimated Valuation of Music Royalty Rights in Perpetuity: $200,000

Like It’s All on You, this has been a success generating over $40,000 in revenue since 2016. However, we have not marketed this as heavily as It’s All on You to get the ball rolling. It just needs the right exposure. Over 5 million streams on our two albums. These are great lead magnets and serve as terrific marketing. People have felt aligned with our company values with the albums.
Estimated Valuation of Music Royalty Rights in Perpetuity: $100,000

Mobile Apps
We recently removed these apps from iTunes to focus on a massive re-launch of these products in the future. We haven’t gotten to the new launch but we have the content.
• Produced Over $100,000 in Revenue
• Became most downloaded app in the “Fitness & Workout” category in Summer 2011
• Featured by Apple as “New and Noteworthy” on iTunes
• Showcased by popular tech blogs Gizmodo and Lifehacker    
• Here’s a link to Gizmodo when it was “App of the Day”
¥ Teamed up with NFL star Arian Foster to create a mobile application focused on sports training
¥ Featured by Gizmodo and Houston Chronicle
¥ Here’s a link to Gizmodo article: 
Estimated Valuation of Content and Code: $50,000

We spent $1.6 million in ads and generated a heavy following. We haven’t leveraged the audience.
Estimated Valuation: $90,000

We spent a lot of money in ads generating likes to this page. We are not using this effectively.
Estimated Valuation: $30,000

This is a lead magnet. It grows several thousand members and it allows us to generate over 100 email leads per week, when we ask them what gym they belong to. People post what their workout interests are. They post workout routines they are doing and what they are looking for. We currently are not monetizing off this properly.
Estimated Valuation: $30,000

This IG page performs pretty well, however it’s not our strongest asset. 
Estimated Valuation:  $25,000

Estimated Valuation:  $5,000

This product has generated over $230,000 in revenue. However, we estimate a better pre-workout would be better suited. However, in terms of the list of 5,000 customers who have taken NO Boost (many who were repeat customers for many months at a time), we feel strongly a large percentage will sign up for a better pre-workout. In addition, we have over 50 active subscriptions pulling in a couple thousand in revenue per month.
Estimated Valuation of Subscribers: $50,000

Muscle Prodigy videos are relatively famous amongst content creators for motivation.
Estimated Valuation: $10,000

Surplus Content, Email Marketing Automation, Systems Built Out
We have spent several hundred thousands on content, including articles, videos, Facebook ad content to be used in the future, etc. We also have developed systems such as quizzes, progress reports, and they are all integrated with our systems to receive leads on auto-pilot.
Estimated Valuation: $100,000

Total Valuation of assets estimated if sold individually: $1,845,000
Outstanding Debt to be Reduced from Acquisition Price

Most of our profits are from two sources – the MP45 funnel and our music albums. The other assets have either created revenue previously, or have been invested into for the future. We feel confident the valuations are correct if we were to sell them individually, and the ones that are not currently generating revenue can be rebooted or focused on again for increased revenues and profits. 

We are looking to place the entire brand in the hands of a company who could properly utilize all assets we have spent a lot of resources building. We front-loaded the business with $1.6 Million in ad spend to fuel the business for the next number of years.

We’ve proven that the business is profitable with $100k/month marketing spend on Facebook and a $2k/month marketing spend on Facebook. It is up to you how much you want to spend on marketing to our funnel, but we are basically very good at marketing to bring in leads. 

We believe we have the beginnings of a very big business if the right products are presented to our customers and leads. We’ve created a system that generates hundreds of thousands of targeted fitness opt-ins.
Acquire a Proven Business
  •  TRUSTED BRAND: Muscle Prodigy has always planned to be the leader of working out in a space that has lots of companies that focus on niche markets – i.e., bodybuilding, apparel, supplements, gyms, cycling, etc. The space is neglected of a brand that has everything-fitness-related under one brand that people trust and view as a reputable source to buy a wide range of health and fitness products from.
  •  REVENUE STREAMS: We have generated over 300,000 emails through mainstream marketing methods and advertising methods on Facebook and Instagram, bringing in over 70,000 members to our free membership platform, and over 35,000 customers into our MP45 program ($97+ price point).
  •  POTENTIAL: Several million has been poured into the brand to acquire its following and build its assets. Muscle Prodigy is finally ready for a deep product line of supplements and apparel based on its success, and leads looking for more. Muscle Prodigy has a lot of unused potential. Once a deep product line, more capital, and more manpower is put behind the business resources, Muscle Prodigy will definitely grow into a deca-million dollar business. This will be achieved by leveraging its audience base, forming the right partnerships, private labeling its digital programs to gym chains, and expanding the product line to include supplements, wearable technology, mobile apps, nutrition based businesses, apparel, etc.