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Transform your body in just 28 minute workouts, 4 times a week. Created exclusively by an international fitness celebrity, award winning writer, and host of the Spike TV show Sweat Inc.
  • Less is MORE! - 28 minutes of weight training workouts twice a week. 28 minutes of cardio workouts twice a week. That's it. That's just 112 minutes a week, or just over 1% of your total weekly hours. 
  • Learn from the best - Learn from Obi Obadike, one of the world's most famous fitness models. This is the exact workout that he does to keep his body in peak condition all year round!
  • Get started in minutes - This program is instantly downloaded right to your computer, phone, or tablet so you can get started in minutes. It can be conveniently used and followed right at the gym.

About the Creator of The 28 Minute Workout

Hi, I'm Obi Obadike. I'm a celebrity trainer and world-renowned fitness expert and personality. I am known in the fitness industry as "The World's Most Ripped Fitness Model." I've graced more than 40 fitness magazine covers and have been featured in more than 100 fitness magazines. I'm one of the most published fitness experts and fitness personalities in the world. I'm also a fitness columnist/writer for multiple fitness magazines. I've been featured in dozens of national fitness and sports commercials and been requested by mainstream magazines to provide expertise.

I was a Division-I sprinter at Cal State Fullerton, where I set school records in the 100 M dash, 200 M dash, and 400 M relay. I was named All-Big West Conference two consecutive years and held the title of the fastest man in school history for a 5-year period. I also won athlete of the year honors at the university.

I currently write for, which is the largest fitness Internet site in the world. I have a popular fitness expert column called "Ask The Ripped Dude." The site totals more than 18 million unique visitors per month.

I'm also the celebrity host on Spike TV's Sweat Inc. alongside Jillian Michaels.

My educational credentials are B.A., B.S., M.S., Certified fitness Trainer with ISSA and Certified Nutrition Specialist with ISSA. 

I love what I do because I have the ability to transform a person physically and mentally and that is a priceless feeling not only as a trainer but also as a writer. Knowing you can help someone attain the body they desire and be healthy throughout their life is a rewarding feeling. That's why I created The 28 Minute Workout. I want to encourage people to workout and get incredible results so they can focus on all the other things they love besides working out all the time.

Weight Training Principles

Have you ever been to the gym and you aren't quite sure what is effective? If you're like most people, you have really no clue as to what exercises to do, in what order to do them, and on what days you should even go to the gym. I've simplified everything for you, teaching you the science behind how your body reacts to training. The 28 Minute Workout is a revolutionary method that has finally found the Minimum Effective Dose to training. Think of exercise as a drug. When you take medicine, they give you the M.E.D. or the Minimum Effective Dose; nothing more or less than you need for the best result. This is called the optimal result. Anyone who takes more or less will suffer in one way or the other. It is the same thing with muscular development. You need to just do only what is required and nothing more! It is counter intuitive to believe that more is better. Now you can spend the least amount of time to achieve optimal results. The training system I devised consists of only four 28 minute sessions. That's less than 1% of total weekly hours!

Nutrition Principles 

The reality of it is nutrition is going to make up between 70 and 80% of your physique results. The principles behind The 28 Minute Workout revolve around healthy eating habits that will have you eat every 2-3 hours to keep your hormones in what's called an anabolic state. When you go more than a certain time without eating, your blood sugar levels experience fluctuations and your metabolism slows. This often leads to weight gain and that soft pudgy look as opposed to having a rock hard physique with chiseled abs. Eating small, frequent meals that include lean protein sources, low glycemic slow digesting carbohydrates, and healthy fats will stoke the metabolic fire to burn fat and build muscle all day long. 

Cardio Principles 

Believe it or not, sprinting is probably the best fat burner out there. Going full force in a sprint forces your body to go undergo metabolic adaptations for good. This results in a complete overhaul of your physique for the long term. Sprinting is so effective because the process of going from zero to full blast in an instant activates the super fast twitch muscle fibers. These fibers are significantly larger in diameter than slow twitch fibers utilized during traditional cardio methods, so it requires more energy to fire and then repair the larger fibers afterward. This causes a great degree of calorie burning and fat burning for up to 48 hours after the session is over. Moreover, every time you lift your leg up in the air, you are working your abs. In a 100 meter sprint, you are raising your legs approximately 60-70 times, so that's one heck of an ab workout as well. We break down the science for you in simple terms to understand the effectiveness of sprinting and we provide you with program so you can maximize building the most amount of muscle and burning the most amount of fat in the fastest time possible. 

Full 90 Day Workout Routine and Meal Plan

Instead of having to apply what you learned in the Training, Nutritional, and Cardio Principles yourself, take the guesswork out of formulating a plan.

With this 90 Day Plan, I give you a day-by-day breakdown of exactly what workouts to do. This includes the exercise descriptions, set, reps, rest periods, and tempo to perform the exercises to build muscle and melt the fat at incredible rates.

This is as plug-and-play as it gets. You can even download this daily plan directly on your mobile device so that you can carry the plan with you and follow along right at the gym or in the kitchen. Remember, I charge thousands for my personal training services. You get all my workouts and meal plans for a fraction of the price.
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